RV Solutions FAQ’S


How is the Hubo-meter attached?

It is mounted on a chrome cap, (which we furnish), that fits through the center of your wheel.

If I have the size of my tire (225/75/R15), why do you need the Manufacturer/Model information?

Revolutions per mile differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.


Why do you need to know the number of lugs?

The Hub-o-Meter is mounted on a cap, and we need to make sure that we send you the correct cap size size.


Can the Hub-o-Meter be reset once programmed?

No, once programmed and activated, it cannot be reset.


Can I mount the Hub-o-Meter on my boat trailer?

Yes, it is guaranteed to be waterproof up to 15′ deep.


Do I have to purchase a programmer?

No, the Hub-o-Meter will come to you programmed to your particular tires’ revolutions per mile.

You will furnish tire information needed for us to figure the revolutions per mile.


What if I buy a new RV or boat Trailer..Can I use it on the new one?

The new trailer will need to have the same size tire, or within 20 Revolutions per mile of the old tire.


What information is needed?

Tire Manufacturer/Model, Tire size, Number of Lugs.

ID Of The Center Hole As Below


Will the Hub-O-Meter work on my ATV?

Yes, it can be programmed for the smaller tires..We presently do not have a mounting bracket for the ATV.

Some customers have made their own brackets.